We champion the cause of the local church in every way. We exist to help leaders build healthy, strong, impacting churches and to do so in a way that makes for a healthy leader. I believe if you choose to join MFI you will be blessed, enriched, enlarged, equipped, and inspired. You will change. Your church will be inspired to grow, adding new believers and growing them to become fully devoted followers of Christ.

Ministers Fellowship International exists to facilitate and nurture meaningful relationships with all levels of leaders, inspiring and enabling them to be more effective in their callings, for the purpose of building and multiplying strong local churches around the world.
— Dr. Frank Damazio, MFI Chairman



Identifying with others who share core values and
biblical vision to build new testament churches

Knowing you can readily experience a significant,
lifelong relationship with other leaders

Receiving the input of quality and relevant proven leaders
to help make your leadership more effective

Opportunities to develop partnerships and make friends
as you extend Christ’s kingdom

Having access to mature leaders who are proven
spiritual fathers with wisdom and grace




All leaders have a need for relationships where they can be open and accountable. They also need to know that there are others who can stand with them in love and encouragement.


Every leader needs to have times away where they can gain new perspective on what is happening in their church and the church world. In our rapidly changing culture, there is a need to be aware of current trends and how to respond to them. The MFI annual conference and the regional conferences will help the leader stay abreast of current trends both in the secular culture and in the church world.


Most leaders desire ongoing training and further education so that they can become more effective at what they do. Through the regional conferences, networks, and website MFI will assist the leader in becoming better equipped to face the challenges of today.


Every leader desires to find resources for the growth and development of their leadership and church, yet researching these can take more time than the leader can give. Through the networks and website, MFI provides a forum for ongoing discussions on ministry tools as well as providing resource materials for all areas of worship: children, youth, missions, administration, business, worship and more. MFI also provides access to apostolic ministries and leaders who can provide counsel to leaders who are in need of assistance on any level.


Most church leaders are continually giv-ing out and ministering to others, but who ministers to them? Where do the shepherds have an opportunity to be sheep and receive pastoral ministry? The MFI conferences are a place where leaders can have time away to receive refreshing and receive personal impartation.


All visionary leaders have a desire to be a part of something that is going to make a difference in the Kingdom of God. By joining together with other leaders of like vision, they will be able to make a much greater impact on the world and have a greater possibility of realizing the vision that is in their hearts. MFI’s international outreach and expansion can be shared by the entire membership of MFI.


Ministers Fellowship International has strong convictions regarding the autonomy of the local church. These underlying convictions affect everything that MFI does and guides every policy that MFI establishes.