MFI Strategy


Membership is an important part of MFI as it enables those serving the MFI members to know who each member is and how to serve the members and their leadership teams. Membership is entered through a defined process that includes an application and interview.


There is a regional director and a regional leadership team for each region. The purpose of team ministry in the region is to ensure that each region has a strategy to impact the region and that member ministers have someone they can readily relate to as a resource.


MFI sponsors annual conferences for the purpose of developing and deepening a broad base of relationships, inspire vision and bring refreshing to all levels of leaders. This conference is always a highlight of the year and a great time of refreshing and renewal. MFI hosts conferences of his nature both in the United States and internationally (consult the website for details).


MFI sponsors smaller regional conferences called A2 in many geographical places for the purpose of relating to leaders in that region, and practical discussion on relevant issues facing the leaders and churches. These regional gatherings are the heartbeat of MFI and provide for a genuine opportunity for relationships to deepen.


Ministers Fellowship International is directed by an Apostolic Leadership Team which is made up of the Officers of the Fellowship, the Regional Directors and other proven, mature ministries.


The International Strategy Team, led by the International Director, is a vital key to the development of MFI worldwide. This team makes recommendations to the Apostolic Leadership Team concerning international development. In every nation there are pastors and leaders who are walking alone and need the things that a fellowship like MFI has to offer. The International Strategy Team helps the fellowship to connect with these national pastors and church leaders.


MFI’s vision is to reach out internationally as well as nationally and connect relationally with those who share the vision of nurturing leaders and developing strong local churches, and who also share our biblical core beliefs. This occurs through MFI affiliates, emerging affiliates, and related networks that already exist in different nations. At the time of this writing, MFI has affiliates in Europe, Australia, Brazil, the Caribbean, Nigeria, Uganda, Haiti, Singapore, Peru, and Bolivia; and there are related networks in Mexico, Ghana, India, Indonesia, and Guatemala.


The MFI website provides an abundance of quality resources, articles, relevant materials, book recom-mendations and more. These resources are designed to strengthen pastors, mobile ministries, and church leaders. There are specific areas focusing on specific support ministries such as prayer ministry, children's ministry, youth, worship, missions, business, church administration, and leadership development.