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MFI Strategy

Every purpose must have a strategy by which that purpose is made a reality.

Without strategy, vision would only be a dream.

This is a brief overview of some of the strategy by which MFI seeks to fulfill its purpose.


1. Membership

Membership is an important part of MFI, as it enables those serving the MFI members to know who each member is and how to serve the members and their leadership teams. Membership is entered through a defined process that includes an application and interview.

2. Regional Leadership

There is a regional director and a regional leadership team for each region. The purpose of team ministry in the region is to ensure that each region has a strategy to impact the region and that member ministers have someone they can readily relate to as a resource. 

3. Annual Conferences

MFI sponsors annual conferences for the purpose of developing and deepening a broad base of relationships, inspiring vision, and bringing refreshing to pastors and leaders. This conference is always a highlight of the year and a great time of refreshing and renewal. MFI hosts conferences of this nature both in the United States and internationally.

4. Regional Conferences

MFI sponsors smaller regional conferences in many geographical centers for the purpose of gaining a vision for the region, deepening regional relationships, bearing one another’s burdens, and experiencing more intimate and practical discussion on relevant issues facing the ministers and their churches. These regional gatherings are the heartbeat of MFI, and they furnish a genuine opportunity for relationships to deepen. The regional conferences are much more informal in nature and provide special times for more intimate fellowship, sharing, edification, interaction, and equipping.

5. Resources

The MFI website provides an abundance of quality resources, including articles, relevant materials, book recommendations and more. These resources are designed to strengthen pastors, mobile ministers, and church leaders. There are specific areas focusing on specific support ministries such as prayer ministry, children's ministry, youth, worship, missions, business, church administration, and leadership development.

6. Membership Directory

A directory of MFI members is maintained on the MFI website with a church locator that assists people in locating the nearest MFI related church. This is a great resource to ministers who are traveling on vacation and to members of the congregation who are moving to a new location. It also assists leaders in gaining a prayer burden for other MFI members.

7. Website

MFI maintains a website for the purpose of effectively communicating current information. The site contains current membership information, administrative resources, an online bookstore, conference schedules, and other bulletin board information. In addition, there is also a network forum in which members are able to relate to others serving in similar ministries for shared ideas and resources. Current networks are prayer ministry, children's ministry, youth, worship, missions, business, church administration, and leadership development.

8. Consulting Resources

MFI is committed to the principle of providing pastoral nurture and care to its membership. Not only will there be regional leaders available to each new member, but also the entire Apostolic Leadership Team and other designated proven ministers will be available to the membership of MFI for counsel, encouragement, wisdom and fellowship. In addition, at the request of member pastors and their elderships, consulting teams can be put together to minister to the particular needs of a given church. There are many experienced ministers in MFI who can assist in a large variety of areas to help strengthen ministers and the churches they represent. The consulting aspect of MFI operates at the request of MFI member pastors and their leadership teams and can be a valuable resource when an "outside" perspective is needed.

9. Financial Commitments

Finally, an important means by which MFI is able to fulfill the purposes of the Fellowship is through the faithful financial giving of MFI members. Every vision has a cost attached to it. As members willingly sow their finances into the Fellowship, there will be an abundant reaping of relationship, covering, assistance, resources, and strength. Each member of MFI has a schedule of dues that he/she contributes on a regular basis. In addition, each member is encouraged to make an annual faith or vision offering for the overall expansion of the vision of MFI.

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